Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist Certification


When an organization lacks a specific, measurable, and impact driven plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, unintended outcomes are inevitable, and actions are perceived as performative.  Strategy is the foundation of inclusive organizations.  That is why diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners must be skillful strategists. 

RIOTT for Change has perfected the art of strategic road mapping for organizations.  We offer a unique, two-day certification program for any professional who desires to facilitate diversity, equity, inclusion strategy sessions within their respective organizations or with clients.  Professional certification provides credibility and signals expertise in a specific discipline.  At the end of the two days, practitioners are equipped to help organizations create an impactful strategy that is supported by measurable outcomes.

Who Should Be Certified

  • Internal or external diversity, equity, and inclusion practitioners
  • Those who desire a career in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Senior executives
  • Organizational leaders
  • HR/OD professionals
  • Consultants
  • Any professional in any industry that has an interest in the field

What You Will Learn/Objectives

  • The business case for inclusive environments
  • Establishing organizational context setting and gaining alignment from organizational leaders
  • Understanding impact areas and the why behind each impact area
  • How to help organizations decide which outcome based strategic priorities are most important for them
  • How to lead organizational leaders to create an 18-month diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic roadmap
  • Partnering with leaders to identify a diversity, equity, and inclusion implementation structure that is responsible for executing strategy created
  • Discussing metrics, communication planning, and next steps

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